Friday, November 13, 2015

Jennifer Lawrence: Actress, Model, Horse Whisperer

Jennifer Lawrence: Actress, Model, Horse Whisperer: Imagine Jennifer Lawrence starring in one of Quentin Tarantino’s films. We just did, and we LOVE IT.

Ahead of her December Vogue cover, this new clip offers some behind-the-scenes quality time with the formalwear-challenged actress, proving she’s one A-lister we wish we could hang out with. Even if it's at a fake motel in the desert with no functioning bathrooms.

Jen does a few impressions and drops a few truth bombs in this very wild west setting – her impression of Kate Moss is simply to collapse, a dated joke we’re convinced only she can pull off – before flirting with a rancher and revealing an endearing fear of horses.

“I might actually die at my Vogue shoot today. I feel like I’m in Quentin Tarantino’s house,” the actress quips in perfect deadpan. Refreshingly down-to-earth as ever, she prods the interviewer: “So what kind of hard-hitting journalism questions are you gonna ask me?” Even on set for a major cover shoot, Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t take herself too seriously.

Jennifer Lawrence: Tarantino’s future badass muse? We’re calling it now.

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